CCNA2 R&S Chapter 9 - NAT

Date Subject Lesson Plan
04/19/17 CCNA2 Class Feedback

Video: YouTube: TedED: The Happy Secret to Better Work (12:20)
Chapter 11 Tour
Activity: Conceptual NAT
Activity: Im
Assignment: Study Guide 1-7 (turn in)
  Security+ Chapter 4 Test
04/20/17 CCNA2

Instructor: Cisco Regional Conference

Video: YouTube: TedED: Brain Magic (19:49)
Discussion: (telephone company example)
Video: CBTNugg100-101: 32-Routing-NAT Concepts (27:41)
PT: Investigating NAT Operations
Assignment: Study Guide 8-13

04/21/17 CCNA2

Instructor: Cisco Regional Conference

Syntax Checker: (4)
PT: Configuring Static NAT
Assignment: Study Guide 14-20 (turn in)

  Security+ Chapter 4 Test
04/24/17 CCNA2 Discussion:
Syntax Checker: (4)
Video: CBTNugg100-101: 33-Routing-NAT Configuration (41:51)
PT: Configuring Dynamic NAT (due today!)
Assignment: Study Guide 21-25 (turn in today)
  Intro to Cybersecurity

Feedback Quiz: Ethics
Video: Khan Academy: Cybersecurity and crime (5:01)
Intro to Cybersecurity: Course Tour - 15 Hour Mini-Course (Grades will be put in A+ Course)

  • Prereq for Cybersecurity Essentials
  • 5 Chapters
  • Finish in a week
  • Labs
  • Final exam at end

Read/Study: The Need for Cybersecurity
Read/Study: What is Cybersecurity?
Read/Study: Your Online and Offline Identity

  • Know difference between two
  • Picking a Username

Read/Study: Your Data

  • EHRs
  • IEPs

Read/Study: Where is Your Data?
Read/Study: Your Computing Devices
Read/Study: They Want Your Money
Read/Study: They Want Your Identity
Read/Study: Types of Organizational Data

  • Traditional Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data

Read/Study: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availablility

  • Checksum and Hash terms
  • MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512

Lab: Compare Data with a Hash (due today!)

04/25/17 CCNA2 Lab: Configuring Dynamic and Static NAT
  Intro to Cybersecurity

Chapter 5

Read/Study: The Consequence of a Security Breach
Read/Study: Security Breach Examples 1 & 2

Lab: What was Taken?

Read/Study: Types of Attackers

  • Amateurs
  • Hackers
  • Organized Hackers
  • White, Grey, Black Hat Hackers

Read/Study: Internal and External Threats
Read/Study: Legal Issues in Cybersecurity

  • Personal Legal Issues, Corporate Legal Issues, International Law

Read/Study: Ethical Issues in Cybersecurity
Activity: What Color is My Hat?
Read/Study/Video: What is Cyberwarfare?
Read/Study: The Purpose of Cyberwarfare
Read/Study: The Need for Cybersecurity

04/26/17 CCNA2 Discussion:
Syntax Checker: (3)
Syntax Checker: (3)
Activity: IM (1-5)
PT: Implementing Static and Dynamic NAT
Lab: Configuring Port Address Translation (PAT)
Assignment: Study Guide 26-29
  Intro to Cybersecurity Test: Chapter 1 Intro to Cybersecurity
04/27/17 CCNA2 Netriders Round 2
  Intro to Cybersecurity  
04/28/16 CCNA2 Rite Board Field Trip
  Intro to Cybersecurity  
05/01/17 CCNA2 Discussion:
PT: Configuring Port Forwarding on a Linksys Router
Assignment: Study Guide 30-36
  Intro to Cybersecurity

Start Chapter 2: Attacks, Concepts and Techniques

Read/Study: Finding Security Vulnerabilities

  • Hardware and Software Vulnerabilities

Read/Study: Categorizing Security Vulnerabilities

  • Buffer Overflow
  • Non-validated output
  • Race conditions
  • Weaknesses in security practices
  • Access-control problems

Activity: Identify Vulnerability Terminology
Read/Study: Types of Malware

  • Spyware, Adware, Bot, Ransomeware, Scareware, Rootkit, Virus, Trojan Horse, Worms
  • Man-In-The-Middle (MitM)
  • Man-In-The-Mobile (MitMo)

Read/Study: Symptoms of Malware
Activity: Identify Malware Types
Read/Study: Social Engineering

  • Pretexing, Tailgating, Something for Something

Read/Study: Wi-Fi Password Cracking

  • Social Engineering, Brute-force attacks, Network sniffing

Read/Study: Phishing
Read/Study: Vulnerability Exploitation

  • Advanced Persistent Threats

Read/Study DoS
Read/Study DDoS
Read/Study: SEO Poisoning
Activity: Identify the DoS Type

05/02/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedED: Looks Aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm A Model (9:37)
PT: Verifying and Troubleshooting NAT Configurations
Lab: Troubleshooting NAT Configurations
Assignment: Study Guide 37-40 (finish)
  Intro to Cybersecurity

Read/Study What is a Blended Attack?

  • Nimbda, CodeRed, BugBear, Klez, Slammer, Conflicker, ZeuS

Read/Study What is Impact Reduction?
Read/Study Attacks, Concepts and Techniques

05/03/17 CCNA2 Activity: NAT Check
PT: Skills Integration Challenge
  Intro to Cybersecurity

Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 3: Protecting Your Data and Privacy
Read/Study: Protecting Your Computing Devices
Read/Staudy Use Wireless Networks Safely
Read/Study Use Unique Passwords for Each Online Account
Read/Staudy Use Passphrase Rather Than a Password
Lab: Create and Store Strong Passwords

05/04/17 CCNA2 Discussion: Summary
Review: Chapt 11 PowerPoint
Activity: IM Quiz
  Intro to Cybersecurity Read/Study Encrypt Your Data
Read/Study: Back up Your Data
Lab Backup Data to External Storage
05/05/17 CCNA2 Test: Chapter 11 (1:00)
Video: CBTNugg100-101: 37: Studying for Cisco Exams (7:57)
Assignment: PT Introduction to Networking Skills Assessment
  Intro to Cybersecurity Read/Study Deleting Your Data Permanently
Lab Who Owns Your Data?
  Resources Review: PowerPoint Chapter 11