CCNA2 R&S Chapter 7 - ACLs

Date Subject Lesson Plan
02/22/17 CCNA2 Discussion: 2nd Semester Options (reminder)

Chapter 9 Tour
Video: YouTube: Professor Messer ACLs (1:55)
Activity: Permit Me to Assist You **Skip**
Assignment: Study Guide 1-7
  Security+ 1.2.2 Configure a Security Appliance (3 points)
02/23/17 CCNA2 Discussion:
PT: ACL Demonstration
Activity: IM &
Assignment: Study Guide 8-37
  Security+ 1.2.3 Install a Security Device (7 points)
02/24/17 CCNA2 Video: CBTNugg2: Using Access Control Lists (24:35)
Activity: IM
Assignment: Study Guide 38-53
  Security+ Chapter 1 Test
02/27/17 CCNA2 Video: CBTNugg2: Routing - Configuring and Applying Standard Access Control Lists (51:31)
Quiz: Section 9.1 Online
Activity: (1-4)
PT: Configuring Standard ACLs
  Security+ Chapter 1
02/28/17 CCNA2 Video: CBTNugg2: Routing - Configuring and Applying Extended Access Control Lists (60:08)
PT: Configuring Named Standard ACLs
Assignment: Study Guide 54-58
  Security+ Chapter 1
03/01/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedEd: 8 Traits of Successful People (7:17)
Syntax Checker: (2)
Lab: Configuring and Verifying Standard ACLs
  Security+ Chapter 1
03/02/17 CCNA2 NetRiders Round 1
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the two browsers we recommend using when accessing the NetRiders site
  Security+ Chapter 1
03/03/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedEd: Do Schools Kill Creativity? (19:24)
PT: Configuring an ACL on VTY Lines
Lab: Configuring and Verifying VTY Restrictions
Assignment: Study Guide 59-62
  Security+ Test Chapter 1
03/06/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedEd: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (21:22)
Activity: (1-3)
Activity: (1-4)
Activity: (1-6)

Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 63-68
  Security+ Assignment: Chapter 2
03/07/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedED: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18:04)
PT: Configuring Extended ACLs-Scenario 1
PT: Configuring Extended ACLs-Scenario 2
  Security+ Assignment: Chapter 2
03/08/17 CCNA2 Kahoot: Typical Gatekeper Networker Interview Questions (40 points)

PT: Configuring Extended ACLs-Scenario 3
Lab: Configuring and Verifying Extended ACLs
  Security+ Assignment: Chapter 2
03/13/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedED: My Stroke of Insight (18:19)
Activity: IM (1-2)
PT: Troubleshooting ACLs
Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 69-74
  Security+ Assignment: Chapter 2
03/14/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedED: The Thrilling Potential of SixSense Technology (13:50)

Lab: Troubleshooting ACL Configuration and Placement
PT: Skills Integration Challenge
  Security+ Assignment: Chapter 2
03/15/17 CCNA2 Discussion:
PT: Configuring IPv6 ACLs
Lab: Configuring and Verifying IPv6 ACLs
Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 75-85 (finish)
  Security+ Assignment: Chapter 2
03/16/17 CCNA2 BPA States
  Security+ Chapter 3
03/17/17 CCNA2 BPA States
  Security+ Chapter 3
03/20/17 CCNA2 Video: YouTube: TedED: The Puzzle of Motivation (18:36) Computer Software
Activity: FTP Denied
Discussion: Summary
  Security+ Chapter 3 Test
03/21/17 CCNA2 proctor Computer Hardware

Catch up on all labs and packet tracers
  Security+ Catch up
03/22/17 CCNA2 Networking Course Testing
Video: YouTube: TedED: The Surprising Science of Happiness (21:16)
Review: Chapter 9 PowerPoint
Activity: IM Quiz
Test: Chapter 9
  Security+ Catch up
03/23/17 CCNA2 Catch-up Day
  Security+ Capstone Project
  Resources Chapter 9 Review PowerPoint