CCNA2 R&S Chapter 7 - ACLs

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/09/18 CCNA2

Non-paid Internship PowerPoint Presentations due Friday

Mid-Term Grades will be based on the PC Servicing & Computer Network Technology BPA Exam Scores

Chapter 7 Tour
Video: YouTube: Professor Messer ACLs (1:55)
Activity: Permit Me to Assist You **Skip**
Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 1-12


Start Chapter 13
Lab: Technician Resources
Assignment: Chapter 13 Study Guide 1-4

01/10/18 CCNA2 PT: ACL Demonstration
Activity: IM
Activity: IM Determine the Permit or Deny
Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 13-26
  A+ Read/Study
Activity: Professional Behaviors with Customers (1 & 2)
Assignment: Chapter 13 Study Guide 5-31
01/11/18 CCNA2 Video: CBTNugg2: Using Access Control Lists (24:35)

Activity: IM
Activity: Configuring Standard IPv4 ACLs
Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 27-57
  A+ Read/Study:
Assignment: Chapter 13 Study Guide 32-39
01/12/18 CCNA2

Video: CBTNugg2: Routing - Configuring and Applying Standard Access Control Lists (51:31)
PT: Configuring Numbered Standard IPv4 ACLs
PT: Configuring Named Standard IPv4 ACLs

  A+ Read/Study:
Assignment: Chapter 13 Study Guide 40-43 (finish)
01/16/18 CCNA2

Non-paid Internship Presemtations

Lab: Configuring and Modifying Standard IPv4 ACLs

Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 58-66

  A+ Review: Chapter 13 Test
Test: Chapter 13
01/17/18 CCNA2

CCNA2 - Midterm Chapt 1-6
A+ - Midterm/Final Exam (BPA PC Servicing)

Video: YouTube: TedEd: 8 Traits of Successful People (7:17)
PT: Configuring an IPv4 ACL on VTY Lines
Lab: Configuring and Verifying VTY Restrictions

Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 67-71

  A+ None today
01/18/18 CCNA2

Last day of Semester 1

50 Project Points: Binders due today (Grade your binder 1st!)

PT: Troubleshooting Standard IPv4 ACLs

Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 72-81 (finish)

  A+ None today
01/22/18 CCNA2


Contest: Computer Network Technology
Contest: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Contest: Personal Financial Management 

01/23/18 CCNA2

BPA Prep

Contest: Computer Security
Contest: Network Administration using Microsoft 
Contest: Information Technology Concepts (open event) 

01/24/18 CCNA2

BPA Prep

Contest: Systems Administration using Cisco 
Contest: PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

01/25/18 CCNA2 BPA Prep
Any Make-ups 
Last day to prep - forms need to be submitted
01/26/18 CCNA2 Professional Dress Required
BPA Judged Contests @ CVCC
01/29/18 CCNA2

Activity: FTP Denied
PT: Skills Integration Challenge
Discussion: Summary

Homework: Study for Chapter 7 Test

  A+ None today

Video: YouTube: TedED: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18:04)

Review: Chapter 7 PowerPoint
Test: Chapter 7

  A+ Study for A+ Final Exam

Chapter 9 Review PowerPoint

Video: YouTube: TedED: The Surprising Science of Happiness (21:16)

Video: YouTube: TedED: The Puzzle of Motivation (18:36)

Video: YouTube: TedED: The Thrilling Potential of SixSense Technology (13:50)

Video: YouTube: TedED: My Stroke of Insight (18:19)

Video: YouTube: TedEd: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (21:22)