CCNA2 R&S Chapter 5 - Switch Configuration

Date Subject Lesson Plan
10/24/18 CCNA2
Section 1

Discussion: Introduction to Chapter 5
Activity: "Stand By Me" (Don't do)
Lab: Configuring Basic Switch Settings

Assignment: Chapter 5 Study Guide 1-11

  A+ Software


Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 41-44

10/25/18 CCNA2
Section 1

Discussion: CLEP Tests

Discussion: BPA Network Design Contest problem

Discussion: Duplex Communication (q. 12-16)
Discussion: Configure Switch Ports at the Physical Layer (q. 17-18)
Syntax Checker: (2)
Video: Autonegotiation (8:06)

Syntax Checker: (3) "Enable auto-MDIX" (q. 19-20)

Discussion: Verifying Switch Port Configuration (q. 21)

Assignment: Chapter 5 Study Guide 12-23

  A+ Software Lab Mobile Wi-Fi - Android and iOS

Assignment: Study Guide 45-53
10/26/18 CCNA2 Halloween Contest (2018)
10/29/18 CCNA2
Section 2

Discussion: SSH Operation
Discussion: Configuring SSH
Syntax Checker: (2)

Discussion: Verifying SSH

Video: CBTNugg - 13: Configuring SSH, User Accounts, and Password Encryption (42:31)
Packet Tracer: "Configuring SSH"

Assignment: Chapter 5 Study Guide 24-29

  A+ Software Activity

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 54-59
10/30/18 CCNA2
Section 2

Video: What is a MAC Attack?
Discussion: Secure Unused Ports (q. 30-31)
Discussion: Port Security: Operation (q. 32-34)
Discussion: Port Security: Violation Modes (q. 35)

Review Lab: Exploration Use: - Don't use VLSM

Assignment: Chapter 5 Study Guide 30-35

  A+ Software Read/Study:
Lab Install Linux in a Virtual Machine and Explore GUI

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 60-66
10/31/18 CCNA2
Section 2
Discussion: Port Security: Configuring (q. 36)
Discussion: Port Security: Verifying (q. 37)
Discussion: Ports in Error Disabled State (q. 38)

Video: Indiana Jones - Kali Ma (6:48)
Link: KALI Penetration Test Software and video (0:44)

PT: Configuring Switch Port Security
PT: Troubleshooting Switch Port Security

Assignment: Chapter 5 Study Guide 36-38 (finish)
  A+ Software Read/Study: Backup and Recovery (q. 67-68)
Read/Study: Overview of Disk Utilities (q. 69-73)
Watch Video: Multiboot in Windows 7

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 67-73
11/01/18 CCNA2
Video: CBTNugg: 14 "Managing Port Security" (34:28)

Lab: Configuring Switch Security Features
Activity: "Switch Trio"
Discussion: Summary
  A+ Software

Lab: Working with Linux Command Line

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 74-83

11/02/18   No Class - Advisory Meetings (2018)
11/05/18 CCNA2

Video: CBTNugg: 15 "Cisco Switching Day-to-Day" (33:42)

PT: Skills Integration Challenge
Review: v6.0 Chapter 5 PowerPoint

  A+ Software

Lab: Troubleshooting Mobile Devices

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 84-89 (finish)

11/07/18 CCNA2

Discussion: ASVAB
Link: ASVAB Info

Activity: Study for Chapter 5 Test
Test: Chapter 5 (:30)

  A+ Software

Activity: Study for Chapter 10 Test
Test: Chapter 10 (:45)