CCNA2 R&S Chapter 4 - Switched Networks

Date Subject Lesson Plan
10/15/18 CCNA2
Section 1

RiteBoard Field Trip Forms Due - Media Forms

Video: One Pairs of Eyes

Showcase #5 - Design (2018)

Discussion: Install Google Extension SpeakIt!
Discussion: Non-paid Internships

Discussion: Student Competion Certificates criteria
Discussion: Cisco Academy Course Completion Certificates criteria

Chapter 4 Study Guide
Assignment: "Sent or Received"

Meet Brian, an IT professional who was bound by legacy technology into always saying No. That is, until Hybrid IT came along to help him say Yes again. Watch his transformation.
Video: Hybrid IT Tech Guy (0:30)

Video: Cisco Borderless Network Architecture (2:50)
Activity: - Identify Switched Network Terminology
Activity: - Identify Switch Hardware

Video: What's the difference between a Network and a Cisco Borderless Network? (12:51)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 1-17

  A+ Software Start Chapter 10 Mobile, Linux, and OS X Operating Systems

Lab: Working with Android

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 1-9

10/16/18 CCNA2 Video: Cisco Borderless Networks (2:10)

Video: - MAC Address Tables on Connected Switches (3:07)
Activity: - Frame Forwarding Methods
Activity: - Switch It!

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 18-29
  A+ Software

Discussion: -
Lab: Working with iOS

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 10-14

10/17/18 CCNA2

Activity: - Circle the Domain

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 30-39 (finish)

  A+ Software

Lab: Mobile Device Features - Android and iOS

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 15-22

10/18/18 CCNA2 Riteboard Field Trip (2018)
  A+ Software  
10/19/18 CCNA1 BPA Prep - Showcase (2018)
10/22/18 CCNA2

Senior Picture 11:45 (2018)

Activity: It's Network Access Time
Syntax Checker: Basic Switch Configurations

Homework: Practice Chapter 4 Test
Homework: Study for Chapter 4 Test
Homework/Classwork: Official Cert Guide Chapter 10: Analyzing Ethernet LAN Designs
Video: Cisco Netacad R&S v6.0 Chapter 4 Review (17:38)

  A+ Software

Lab: Mobile Device Information
Lab: Passcode Locks

Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 23-32

10/23/18 CCNA2

Review: PowerPoint Chapter 4 v6.0
Test: Chapter 4 - Correct test answers will only be available between 1:45-2:30

The following lab will preview some of the skills we will be learning in the next two chapters.

Lab 2.5.1: Basic Switch Configuration (use Packet Tracer 2960 switch). Print out switch configuration file (configs only) and attach completed lab packet.

  A+ Software


Assignment: Chapter 10 Study Guide 33-40