CCNA2 R&S Chapter 10 - Device Discovery, Mgt., Maint.

Date Subject Lesson Plan
03/14/18 CCNA2 Chapter 10 Tour
Discussion: Intro
Discussion: CDP Overview
Discussion: Configure and Verify CDP
Syntax Checker: (6)
Discussion: Discover Devices Using CDP
PT: Map a Network Using CDP
03/15/18 CCNA2

Discussion: LLDP Overview
Discussion: Configure and Verify LLDP
Syntax Checker: (2)
Discussion: Discover Devices Using LLDP
Activity: Compare CDP and LLDP

03/16/18 CCNA2

Lab: Configure CDP and LLDP
Discussion: Setting the System Clock
Discussion: NTP Operation
Discussion: Configure and Verify NTP
PT: Configure and Verify NTP

03/19/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Introduction to Syslog
Discussion: Syslog Operation
Discussion: Syslog Message Format
Discussion: Service Timestamp
Activity: IM Interpret Syslog Output


03/20/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Syslog Server
Discussion: Default Logging
Discussion: Router and Switch Commands for Syslog Clients
Discussion: Verifying Syslog
Syntax Checker: (2)

03/21/18 CCNA2 PT: Configuring Syslog and NTP
03/22/18 CCNA2 Lab: Configuring Syslog and NTP
03/23/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Router File System
Discussion: Switch File System
Discussion: Backing Up and Restoring Using Text Files
Discussion: Backing up and Restoring TFTP
03/26/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Using USB Ports on a Cisco Router
Discussion: Backing Up and Restoring Using a USB


03/27/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Password Recovery
Syntax Checker: (3)
PT: Backing Up Configuration Files

03/28/18 CCNA2 Lab: Managing Router Configuration Files with Tera Term

03/29/18 CCNA2 Lab: Managing Device Configuration Files Using TFTP, Flash, and USB
04/09/18 CCNA2 Lab: Researching Password Recovery Procedures
04/10/18 CCNA2

Discussion: IOS 15 System Image Packaging
Discussion: IOS Image Filenames
Discussion: TFTP Servers as a Backup Location
Discussion: Steps to Backup IOS Image to TFTP Server
Syntax Checker: (4)

04/11/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Steps to Copy an IOS Image to a Device
Discussion: The boot system Command
PT: Using a TFTP Server to Upgrade a Cisco Image
04/12/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Video: Managing Cisco IOS Images
Discussion: Licensing Overview

04/13/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Licensing Process
Discussion: Step 1. Purchase the Software Package or Feature to Install
Discussion: Step 2. Obtain a License
Syntax Checker: (3)
Discussion: Step 3. Install the license
Syntax Checker: (2)
Discussion: License Verification
04/16/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Activate an Evaluation Right-To-Use License
Syntax Checker: (3)
Discussion: Back up the License
Syntax Checker: (2)
Discussion: Uninstall the License
Syntax Checker: (2)
04/17/18 CCNA2 Video: Working with IOS Image Licenses
PT: Skills Integration Challenge
04/18/18 CCNA2 Discussion: Summary
Homework: Study for Chapter 10 Test
04/19/18 CCNA2 Review: Chapter 10 PowerPoint
Test: Chapter 10