CCNA1 R&S Final

Date Subject Lesson Plan
06/03/19 CCNA1

Discussion: Roth IRA for teens

Note: **Hands-on Skills Based Assessments & Final Exam / 200 pts. = CCNA1 Final Exam Grade

Practice Final Exam: Score/5 = Practice final exam score (20 points possible)
Practice Skills Exam: Score/5 = Practice skills exam score (20 points possible)

** If you are absent for the actual hands-on skill exam tomorrow, the final CCNA1 grade will be based on the course Final Exam score only.

  A+ None
06/04/19 CCNA1 Cisco Academy Completion Certificates for course completion: PT, Labs, Study Guides
Junior Picnic - Students' Last Day
  A+ None today

Course Feedback
Test: Comprehensive Final Exam Chapters 1-11 - 7:45 (60 minutes)

Today only - Skills Assessment: Hands-on Skills Based Assessment (100 points, 95 minutes)
Note: 50% point penalty for exceeding time. As soon as you're done with lab, show me.

Part 1: Develop the IPv4 Address Scheme (20 minutes)
Part 2: Initialize and Reload Devices (5 minutes)
Part 3: Configure Device IPv4 Security Settings (20 minutes
Part 4: Test and Verify IPv4 End-to-End Connectivity (10 minutes)
Part 5: Configure IPv6 Addressing on R1 (10 minutes)
Part 6: Test and Verify IPv6 End-to-End Connectivity (10 minutes)
Part 7: Use the IOS CLI to Gather Device Information (10 minutes)
Part 8: Save the R1 Configuration to a TFTP Server (10 minutes)

Make sure I have checked off all sections. Once done, reinitialize devices and put physical equipment away.

Lab: Group Hands-On Skills Exam (120 minutes)

  A+ None
06/04/18 CCNA1

End-of-Semester Pre-Employability Assessment (100 points)

Lab: Group Hands-On Skills Exam (120 minutes)

  A+ None
06/05/18 CCNA1