CCNA1 R&S Chapter 8

Date Subject Lesson Plan
04/03/19 CCNA1 Link: Six Hot Networking Certifications for 2019
Assignment: Please read the online article and use the worksheet to answer a few questions.

Discussion: Outline of progression to learn VLSM. VLSM is the end skill after you've mastered all of the other skills ending with VLSM.

Assignment: Subnet Practice Worksheet

**Use this outline (when available) to help study for quizzes/tests

Discussion: DHCP Services (q. 91-92)

  • You should be able to explain DHCP by this point
  • DORA
  • Port 67

Discussion: DNS Services (q. 93-94)

  • You should be able to explain DNS by this point
  • Port 53

Discussion: Web Services (q. 95)
Video: Professor Messer: Web Services (3:08) - explains XML (commonly used with HTTPS)

  • HTTP - Port 80 (or 8080)
  • HTTPS - Port 443
  • DNS - Port 53 is run first to find destination IP address
  • GET request to server for web page

Discussion: File Services

  • Know these acronyms: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP
  • FTP - Ports 20 & 21

Discussion: Print Services

  • Be able to explain what a print server is to someone who doesn't know

Discussion: Email Services (q. 96-97)

  • Know and describe these protocols: SMTP, POP, IMAP
  • SMTP - Port 25, POP - Port 110, IMAP - Port 143

Discussion: Proxy Settings (q. 98)
Video: Professor Messer: Proxy Servers (3:46)

  • Be able to describe what a http proxy server is and why it's used

Discussion: Authentication Services (q. 99)

  • Be able to descibe what AAA is and what the acronym AAA stands for.

Discussion: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (q. 101)
Video: Professor Messer: IDS/IPS (4:32)

  • Know the difference between IPS and IDS. Also, know which one is active and which one is passive.

Discussion: Universal Threat Management (UTM) (q. 100)

  • Know what a Cisco ASA is.
  • Know what a "stateful connection" means.
  • Function of a UTM
  • Describe a Cisco ASA

Activity: Identify the Networked Host Service

Homework: Study for Chapter 8, Section 3 Quiz (Be sure to memorize the port numbers!!)
Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 91-101 (through #101 today)

04/04/19 CCNA1

IT Job Fair (2019)

Quiz: A+ Chapter 8, Section 3 (35 pts.)
Review: What is a Print Server?

Assignment: Subnet Practice Worksheet

Note: Subnetting is an essential skill. If you do not learn how to subnet you will not be a network administrator.

Activity: Chapter 8 Tour
Activity: Call Me! Resource:

Discussion: Broadcast Domains

  • Used for ARP
  • Services such as DHCP
  • Routers block broadcasts

Discussion: Problems with Large Broadcast Domains

  • Large broadcast domains waste bandwidth
  • Break large broadcast domains into smaller subnets

Discussion: Reasons for Subnetting

  • Subnetting also good for organizational purposes
    • Floors of a building
    • Organizational units

Discussion: Octet Boundaries

  • The more host bits borrowed, the more subnets created
  • The easiest method of subnetting is at the network boundry

Discussion: Subnetting on the Octet Boundary

  • Demonstrate subnetting at octet boundry /16 & /24

Discussion: Classless Subnetting

  • Classless subnetting
  • Review subnetting grid for /24 mask

Video: The Subnet Mask (Review on your own time - watch as many times as needed)
Video: Subnetting with the Magic Number (Review on your own time)

Discussion: Classless Subnetting Example

  • Example:

Discussion: Creating 2 Subnets

  • Example:
  • Example:
  • Address router interface using ip address command

Video: Creating Two Equal-Sized Subnets (Review on your own time)

Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 1-14

  A+ None today
04/05/19 CCNA1

A+ Review Chapter 8, Section 3 Quiz

Subnet Practice Problem

Discussion: Subnetting Formulas (q. 15 - 18)

  • 2 ^ n. Where n = bits borrowed.

Discussion: Creating 4 Subnets

  • 2^2 = 4

Video: Creating Four Equal-Sized Subnets
Video: Creating Eight Equal-Sized Subnets

Discussion: Creating Subnets with a /16 Prefix
Discussion: Creating 100 Subnets with a /16 Network

  • 2^7 = 128

Discussion: Calculating the Hosts

  • 2^n - 2. Where n = bits left over

Video: Creating One Hundred Equal-Sized Subnets

Discussion: Creating 1000 Subnets with a /8 Network

  • 2^10 = 1024

Video: Subnetting Across Multiple Octets

Discussion: Subnetting Based on Host Requirements
Discussion: Subnetting Based on Network Requirements
Discussion: Network Requirement Example
Activity: Calculate the Subnet Mask

Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 15-19

  A+ None today
04/08/19 CCNA1

Activity: Determining the Number of Bits to Borrow
Lab: Calculating IPv4 Subnets
Link: Subnetting Question Practice (

  A+ None today
04/09/19 CCNA1

Cleveland Clinic's WebEx: 9:00-10:00 (2019)

PT: Subnetting Scenario 1
Lab: Designing and Implementing a Subnetted IPv4 Addressing Scheme (Start)

FINISH all labs and Packet Tracers today in class or take home!

If you cannot get the work done in class, please take home to finish. You can practice labs at home in packet tracer, but labs MUST BE done in class. Networking is a hands-on skill.

  A+ None today
04/10/19 CCNA1 Lab: Designing and Implementing a Subnetted IPv4 Addressing Scheme (Finish)
  A+ Hardware Discussion: Preventive Maintenance Procedures
Video: Professor Messer: Troubleshooting Theory (8:57)

Memorize the troubleshooting steps:

Discussion: Identify the Problem
Discussion: Establish a Theory of Probable Causes
Discussion: Test the Theory to Determine Cause
Discussion: Establish a Plan of Action to Resolve the Problem and Implement the Solution
Discussion: Verify Full System Functionality and Implement Preventive Measures
Discussion: Document Findings, Actions, and Outcomes

Discussion: Identify Common Problems and Solutions

Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 102-119 (finish)
Homework: Study for Chapter 8 Test
04/11/19 CCNA1

Cisco Instructor Conference (2019)

Discussion: Traditional Subnetting Wastes Addresses

  • Every subnet uses an equal number of host IPs

Discussion: Variable Length Subnet Masks

  • Allows us to subnet the subnets to waste less IP addresses

Discussion: Basic VLSM
Video: Basic VLSM
Discussion: VLSM in Practice
Discussion: VLSM Chart
Video: VLSM Example
Activity: Practicing VLSM

Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 20-23
Homework: Study for Chapter 8, Section 1 Quiz

  A+ Hardware Study for Chapter 8 Test
04/12/19 CCNA1

Cisco Instructor Conference (2019)

Video: YouTube: It Pays to Work Hard (6:00)

Discussion: Network Address Planning
Discussion: Planning to Address the Network
Discussion: Assigning Address to Devices
PT: Designing and Implementing a VLSM Addressing Scheme (Start)
Lab: Designing and Implementing a VLSM Addressing Scheme (Start)

Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 24-26
Homework: Any Labs or Packet Tracers not completed in class.
Homework: Study for Chapter 8, Section 2 Quiz (VLSM Problem)

  A+ Hardware Study for Chapter 8 Test
04/15/19 CCNA1

Quiz: Chapter 8, Section 1 (VLSM Problem)

Lab: Designing and Implementing a VLSM Addressing Scheme (Finish)
PT: Designing and Implementing a VLSM Addressing Scheme (Finish)

Quiz: Chapter 8, Section 2 Quiz (VLSM Problem)

  A+ Hardware Test: Chapter 8
04/16/19 CCNA1

Chapter 8 Test Tomorrow

Video: YouTube: Internet of Things - Beyond Our Current Imagination

Discussion: IPv6 Global Unicast Address
Discussion: Subnetting Using the Subnet ID
Discussion: IPv6 Subnet Allocation
PT: Implementing a Subnetted IPv6 Addressing Scheme
Activity: Can you call me now?
PT: Skills Integrated Challenge (Take home to finish)
Discussion: Summary

Assignment: Chapter 8 Study Guide 27-31 (finish)

Homework: Finish any incomplete, PTs, or Activity

Homework: Study for Chapter 8 Test (Chapter 8 Exam is Activated)

Video: Cisco Netacad Routing and Switching v6.0 - Chapter 8 (19:17)

  A+ Hardware None today
04/17/19 CCNA1 Test: Chapter 8
  A+ Hardware Start Chapter 9: Laptops and Mobile Devices
Video: Professor Messer: Laptop Expansion Options (7:55)
Discussion: External Features Unique to Laptops
Discussion: Common Input Devices and LEDs in Laptops
Discussion: Internal Components
Discussion: Special Function Keys
Discussion: Docking Station vs Port Replicator

Video: Professor Messer: Replacing a Desktop with a Laptop (13:01)

Lab: Research Docking Stations
Use: Plugable brand, model number: UD-ULTCDL

Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 1-15
Homework: Study for Chapter 9, Section 1 Quiz
04/18/19 CCNA1 Discussion: BPA Contest Selection
Register for
Subnet Practice - Your score should be at least "1" (show me)
  A+ Hardware

Video: Professor Messer: Laptop Displays (6:32)
Discussion: LCD, LED, and OLED Displays
Discussion: Backlights and Inverters
Discussion: Wi-Fi Antenna Connectors
Discussion: Webcam and Microphone

Discussion: Power Management
Discussion: Managing ACPI Settins in the BIOS
Activity: Match ACPI Standards
Discussion: Managing Laptop Power Options
Discussion: Bluetooth
Discussion: Cellular WAN
Discussion: Wi-Fi

Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 16-33
Homework: Study for Chapter 9, Sections 1 & 2 Quiz

04/22/19 CCNA1
Subnet Practice - Your score should be at least "2" (show me)

Video: YouTube: The Internet of Things is Just Getting Started (17:32)


Chapter 9, Section 2 Quiz

Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: Optimizing and Upgrading Laptops and Portable Devices
Discussion: Expansion Cards
Discussion: Flash Memory
Discussion: Smart Card Reader
Discussion: SODIMM Memory
Video: YouTube: Replacing SODIMM

Lab: Research Laptop RAM (Print out spec sheet)
*** Use this info for lab: Dell Alienware 17 R2, 4710HQ. Upgrade from 8GB to 16GB.

Video: YouTube: Replace Toshiba M4 RAM
Discussion: Overview of Hardware Replacement
Discussion: Power

Lab: Research Laptop Batteries

  • Use HP EliteBook 855 G2 laptop

Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 34-44


Video: YouTube: How It Works: Internet of Things (3:38)

Chapter 8 Study Guide
Chapter 8 Review PowerPoint
Review: Link to list of Tier 1 ISPs
Review: Link to list of Tier 2 ISPs
Review: Link to diagram of Tier 3 ISP