CCNA1 R&S Chapter 4

Date Subject Lesson Plan
11/07/18 CCNA1

None today


Test Music

Activity: Chapter 1 Quiz
Test: Chapter 1

Video: getIThere: Get IT Here in Northeastern Ohio (2:36)

Start Chapter 2
Activity: Chapter 2 Tour

Discussion: Introduction (q. 1-2)

  • Workplace safety
    • Protection from accidents and injury
  • Tools, hardware and software
  • Hazardous materials disposal
  • Protect devices from damage

Discussion: General Safety (q. 3-4)
Video: Professor Messer: Computer Safety (5:04)

  • Do you think you can get hurt?
    • cuts, burns, electrical shock, eye damage
  • Do you think you can accidently damage equipment?
  • Basic safety precautions

Discussion Electrical Safety (q. 5-8)
Video: YouTube: Electrical Safety (9:20)

  • Parts that get hot
  • High voltage
  • Using wrong power adaptors damages equipment

Discussion: Fire Safety (q. 9-12)
Video: Youtube: Workplace Fire Safety (11:45)

  • Turn off AND unplug
  • Know location of fire extinguishers
  • PASS
  • Types of fires: A-Consumable; B-Liquids; C-Electrical; D-Metals K-Kitchen (Know these)
  • Know escape routes

Discussion ESD and EMI (q. 13-22)
Video: Professor Messer: Managing Electrostatic Discharge (3:16)

  • ESD - 3,000 volts to feel it. 30 volts to destroy IC
  • Follow ESD recommendations in text
  • EMI
    • Electrical motors
    • Fluorescent lights
  • RFI
    • Microwaves
    • Wireless phones
    • Lightning
  • Climate
    • low humidity, ESD increases
    • high humidity, moisture/corrosion can occur

Assignment: A+ Chapter 2 Study Guide 1-22

11/08/18 CCNA1 None today

Activity: Subnet Practice Class B #3

Review -

Discussion Power Fluctuation Types (q. 23-25)
Video: YouTube: PSU Failure caused by power problems (6:21)

  • Blackout
  • Brownout
  • Noise
  • Spike
  • Power Surge
Discussion: Power Protection Devices (q. 26-31)
  • Video: Surge suppressor
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
    • Never plug laser printer into UPS
  • Standby power supply (SPS)

Discussion Safety Data Sheet (q. 32-37)

  • MSDS (Material Safety and Data Sheet)
  • Know what's contained in Video: MSDS

Discussion Equipment Disposal (q. 38-43)

  • Batteries
  • Monitors
  • Toner Kits, Cartridges, Chemical Solvents, Aerosol Cans
Assignment: A+ Chapter 2 Study Guide 23-43

Homework: Study for A+ Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz Friday

11/09/18 CCNA1

Review Lab (Discovery): "Determining the IP Address of a Computer"

Discussion: Chapter 4 Tour - Hand out Chapter 4 Study Guides
Discussion: Chapter 4: Network Access

  • Data Link Layer

Activity: Managing the Medium (skip activity)

Discussion: Types of Connections (q. 1)
** For the purposes of networking, "wireless" is still a physical connection using radio waves.

  • ISR Home Router contains:
    • A Router (Internet port)
    • A Switch (LAN ports)
    • A Wireless Access Point - AP - Embedded antenna

Discussion Network Interface Cards (q. 2-3)

  • Pass around different NICs
  • All wireless devices must share bandwidth
  • Wired devices do not need to share bandwidth

Discussion The Physical Layer (q. 4)

  • Sends/recieves data onto the media one signal at a time.

Discussion: Physical Layer Media (q. 5)

  • Three basic forms of network media

Discussion Physical Layer Standards (q. 6-7)

  • Six different physical layer, standards organizations

Lab Identifying Network Devices and Cabling (Start - 42 points)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 1-7
Classwork/Homework: Video: Professor Messer: The OSI Model (37:02)

  A+ Review: Chapter 2, Section 1
Quiz Chapter 2, Section 1
11/12/18 CCNA1

Review Video: Professor Messer: Network Fundamentals (6:18)

Discussion: Functions (q. 8-9)

  • Physical Components
    • NICs, cables, ports, interfaces
  • Encoding (16:54)
  • Signaling (1:51)

Discussion Bandwidth (q. 10-12)

  • Bandwidth is measured in bits per second - bps
  • Limits depend on physical media & technology used: encoding/signaling method

Discussion Throughput (q. 13-15)

  • Throughput is bandwidth minus latency
  • Goodput - useable data

  • Activity: Speed Test:
    Activity: Speed Test: Charter Communications
    Activity: Speed Test: Comcast XFINITY
    Activity: Speed Test: Frontier

    Discussion Types of Physical Media (q. 16)

    Activity Physical Layer Terminology

    Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 8-17

    Lab Identifying Network Devices and Cabling (Finish)

    Review: Chapter 4, Section 1
    Homework: Study for Chapter 4, Section 1 Quiz

  A+ None today
11/13/18 CCNA1
Section 1

Discussion: Thomas Jefferson Quote. It's always easier to complain about our present situation than it is to seize the opportunities that exists all around us and do something. Land of opportunity.

Review: Chapter 4, Section 1
Quiz: Chapter 4, Section 1 (Kahoot)

*** There are a lot of things to memorize in this section. Be prepared!! ***

Start Section 2: Network Media
Discussion: Characteristics of Copper Cabling (q. 18-22)
Video: Professor Messer: Troubleshooting Copper Cables (6:19)

  • Inexpensive & easy to install
  • Attenuation (limits distance)
  • EMI & RFI - shielding
  • Crosstalk - twisting wire
  • Proper installation and routing of cable

Discussion: Copper Media (q. 23)
Video: Professor Messer: Copper Cabling (9:28)

  • Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) - RJ45
  • Shielded Twisted -Pair (STP) - Shielded RJ45
  • Coaxial, Type 6 - F Connector

Discussion: Unshielded Twisted-Pair Cable (q. 24-26)
Video: Professor Messer: Network Connectors (6:10)

  • All TP - four pairs, eight wires.
  • Color coded (standards require color codes)
  • Twisted wire to help eliminate interference from other wires/wire pairs

Discussion Shielded Twisted-Pair Cable (q. 27-28)

  • Braided or Foil Shield
  • Foil Shields
  • Protect against EMI & RFI

Discussion: Coaxial Cable (q. 29-30)
Video: Professor Messer: Copper Connectors (8:04)

  • Uses: Wireless (satellite), Cable Internet
  • BNC, N type, F type
  • Know the parts of the cable
  • Was used in Ethernet bus networks

Discussion: Copper Media Safety (q. 31-32)

  • Plenum vs. Non-plenium
  • Solid vs. stranded core
  • Hazards
  • Cable management

Activity Copper Media Characteristics (q. 33)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 18-33 (turn in)

  A+ None today
11/14/18 CCNA1

Video: CCNA_01_05_01 Copper Cabling (6:22)
Video: CCNA_01_05_03 Copper Connectors (2:43)


Review Chapter 4, Section 2. Online Expert Network+ Section I: Network Safety

Discussion General Tool Use (q. 44)

  • ESD tools
  • Hand tools
  • Cleaning tools
  • Diagnostic tools

Discussion: ESD Tools (q. 45)

  • ESD wrist strap
  • ESD mat

Discussion: Hand Tools (q. 46)

  • Various screwdrivers
  • Torx tip (doesn't mean torque)
  • Hex driver
  • Camera to take pictures before disassembly

Discussion: Cable Tools (q. 47)

  • Wire cutters
  • Wire stripper
  • Crimper
  • Punch down tool (IDC)

Discussion: Cleaning Tools (q. 48)

  • Lint free cloth
  • Compressed air
  • Wire ties, tie-wraps, cable ties
  • Parts bin

Discussion: Diagnostic Tools (q. 49-52)
Video: Professor Messer: Hardware Troubleshooting Tools (5:32)

  • Multimeter
  • Loopback adapter
  • Tone generator (fox and hound)
  • WiFi analyzer
  • Hard drive enclosure

Assignment: Chapter 2 Study Guide 44-52

Subnet Practice - PT Problem 1 on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems"
Download onto your desktop

11/15/18 CCNA1

If you are still struggling to learn subnetting, I suggest using the Cisco Press video series to help you. You can watch the videos as many times as needed. You can find the subnetting videos in Module 1, Lesson 7, videos 8-16.

Video: YouTube: The Power of One Fuels Cisco's Talent Pipeline

Activity Lab: Network Speed Test Lab (Use

Discussion: Properties of UTP Cabling (q. 34)

  • Cancellation
  • Varying number of twists per wire

Video: Comparison Between STP and UTP Cable (8:35)
Discussion: UTP Cabling Standards (q, 35-36)

  • Cable is categorized by Cat number
  • Cat number determines amount of data certified to transmit
  • Cat 7 exceeds Cat 6a

Video: What Ethernet Cable to Use? Cat5? Cat6? Cat7? (12:10)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 34-36


Discussion: Disk Management Tools (q. 53)
Video: Professor Messer: Hard Drive Troubleshooting Tools (5:22)

  • Disk Management
  • Format
  • Scandisk or CHKDSK
  • Optimize Drives
  • Disk Cleanup
  • System File Checker (SFC)

Discussion: Protection Software Tools (q. 54-57)
Video: How Safe is Windows 10? (6:24)

  • Windows Action Center
  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Firewall

Lab: Diagnostic Software (20 minutes)

Assignment: Chapter 2 Study Guide 53-57

11/16/18 CCNA1
Section 2

Discussion UTP Connectors (q. 37-38)

  • Terminated by RJ-45
  • Keystone jacks
  • Wall plates for keystone jacks
  • Acceptable vs. unacceptable RJ-45 installation

Discussion Types of UTP Cable (q. 39-41)

  • Straight-through (unlike devices)
  • Crossover (like devices)
  • Rollover (console cable)
  • Wires 1,2 and 3,6 are switched in crossover

Discussion Testing UTP Cables (q. 42)

  • After installation, testing is used
  • Check proper wire map
  • Cable length
  • Signal loss
  • Crosstalk

Activity: Cable Pinouts

  • Practice until can do from memory
    • Both 568A and 568B pinouts
    • You will need to create a mnemonic

Discussion: T568A & T568B Diagram

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 37-42


Discussion: Reference Tools (q. 58-59)

  • Notes
  • Journals
  • History of repairs
  • Internet Reference Tools:
    • Internet Search Engines
    • News Groups
    • Manufacturer FAQs
    • Online Computer Manuals
    • Online Forums and chat
    • Technical websites

Discussion: Misc Tools (q. 60-61)

  • (1) Develop personal methods of organization
  • (2) Spare parts (substitution method of troubleshooting)

Discussion: Antistatic Wrist Strap (q. 62-63)

  • Learn how to properly use/wear ESD wrist strap
    • Metal back
    • Connect to metal chassis
  • Loose clothing

Discussion: Antistatic Mat (q. 64-65)

  • Put antistatic mat under computer
  • Clip mat to computer case
  • Put parts on the mat or in antistatic bags

Discussion: Hand Tools (q. 66-68)

  • Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey
  • (3) Use the right size screwdriver for the right sized screw
  • Tighten until snug only
  • Do not strip screws.
  • Replace screws with correct fastener - look at the threads!!
  • Should be NO hardware left over.
  • (4) Do not leave loose hardware in case.

Assignment: Chapter 2 Study Guide 57-68

11/19/18 CCNA1
Section 2

Video: YouTube "How to create an Ethernet cable" (4:31)
Video: YouTube "How To Make an Ethernet 568B Cable" (8:50)

Optional Video: YouTube How to fit CAT 6 Ethernet Plugs (13:55)

Lab: "Building an Ethernet Crossover Cable" (Start)

Video: YouTube: Network Cabling in SoftLayer Data Center (music to work by)

  A+ None today
11/20/18 CCNA1
Section 2

Video: YouTube: How to Make RJ45 Cat 5E and Cat 6 (12:08)
Lab: "Building an Ethernet Crossover Cable" (Students done to help other students)
Video: YouTube: Network Cabling in SoftLayer Data Center (music to work by)

Activity: Pass around fiber-optic cable types

Video: Fiber 101 (5:45)

Discussion: Properties of Fiber-Optic Cabling(q. 43-44)

Discussion Fiber Media Cable Design (q. 45)

  • Memorize the component that makes up fiber cable
  • Understand what the parts do

Discussion: Types of Fiber Media (q. 46-47)

  • Single Mode
    • Small core: 9 microns
    • Less dispersion
    • Long distance
    • Lazers
    • Backbone
    • Thousands of meters
  • Mutimode
    • Larger core: 50/62.5 microns
    • Greater dipersion
    • Shorter distance
    • LEDs
    • LANs
    • Hundreds of meters

Video: CCNA_01_05_02 Fiber Cables

Discussion Fiber-Optic Connectors (q. 48-50)

  • ST, SC, LC, Duplex LC
  • Yellow for single mode
  • Orange for multimode

Video: CCNA_01_05_04 Fiber Connectors

Discussion: Testing Fiber Cables (q. 51)

  • OTDR
    • Misalignment
    • End gap
    • End finish

Discussion Fiber vs. Copper (q. 52-53)

  • Be able to compare and contrast!!
Activity: Fiber Optic Terminology (q. 54)

Video: TE SubCom Undersea Cable Networks (8:44)
Video: AT&T Archives: Submarine Cable Systems Development (18:05)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 43-54
  A+ None today
11/26/18 CCNA1

Video: YouTube Advanced Discussion : LAN Cables and TIA-568 Categories (10:01)

Discussion: Remembering pinout colors (Take 5 minutes to find a way to remember)

Discussion: Properties of Wireless Media (q. 55)

  • Coverage area
  • Interference
  • Security

Discussion Types of Wireless Media (q. 56-59)

  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11
  • Bluetooth IEEE 802.15
  • WiMax IEEE 802.16

Video: Professor Messer Wireless Standards (6:22)
Discussion Wireless LAN (q. 60)

  • Wireless Access Point
  • Wireless NICs

PT Connecting a Wired and Wireless LAN (35 minutes)

Lab: Viewing Wired and Wireless NIC Information

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 55-60
Hand in ANY work needing to be turned in TODAY please

Homework Assignment: Study for Section 2 Quiz
Homework: Video Professor Messer: Wiring Standards (10:10)

  A+ None today
11/27/18 CCNA1

Kahoot Fiber-optic review

9:00-10:30 - 10th grade visits (2018)

Lab: Viewing Wired and Wireless NIC Information (due today)

  A+ None today
11/28/18 CCNA1

No 10th grade visits today (2018)

Review: Chapter 4, Section 2
Quiz: Chapter 4, Section 2 (38 pts.)


Video: How to use a Multimeter for Beginners (8:07)

Lab: Using a Multimeter and a Power Supply Tester
Lab: (Supplement) Multimeter Use

Discussion: Cleaning Materials (q. 69-79)

  • Computer Cases & Monitors
  • LCD Screens
  • Component Contacts
  • Keyboards
  • Mice

Assignment: Chapter 2 Study Guide 69-79 (Finish)

11/29/18 CCNA1
Section 2

10th Grade Visits 9:00 - 10:30 (2018)

Review: Chapter 4, Section 2 Quiz

Subnet Practice - PT Problem 2 on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems"
Download onto your desktop. Solve problem then duplicate in physical lab (Start)

Read/Study: Chapter 3, Section 3

May be time left for make-up work.

  A+ None today
11/30/18 CCNA1

Subnet Practice - PT Problem 2 on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems"
Download onto your desktop. Solve problem then duplicate in physical lab (Finish)


Review: A+ 6.0 Chapter 2 PowerPoint

Homework: Study for Chapter 2 Test!!

12/03/18 CCNA1

Subnet Practice - PT Problem 2 on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems"
Download onto your desktop. Solve problem then duplicate in physical lab (Finish)

Video: Professor Messer: CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA (2:35)


Test: Chapter 2

Video: Computer Disassembly (16:03)

Lab Computer Disassembly (Start)
Note: We are just getting set-up for lab today - please do not start disassembly.

12/04/18 CCNA

10th Grade Visits 9:00-10:30 (2018)

None today


Discussion Summary

Lab Computer Disassembly

Turn in finished Chapter 2 Study Guide if needed to be graded

12/05/18 CCNA

10th Grade Visits (2018)


Video: How to replace a motherboard in a desktop computer (12:36)

Resource: Intel Processor Installation Video (3:04)
Video: YouTube: ASUS How to apply Thermal Compund

Lab: Remove and reinstall motherboard & CPU
Lab: Removing & replacing thermal compound

Start Chapter 3

Video: YouTube: ASUS How to install motherboard in a case
Discussion: Chapter 3 Tour (q. 1)

Discussion: Open the Case (q. 2-3)

Discussion: Install the Power Supply (q. 4-6)
Lab Install the Power Supply

Discussion: Install the CPU, Heat Sink and Fab Assembly (q. 7-11)
Activity: Installing the CPU

Discussion: Install RAM (q. 12-14)

Discussion: Install the Motherboard (q. 15-16)
Activity: Installing the Motherboard
Lab: Install the Motherboard

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 1-16

12/06/18 CCNA

10th Grade Visits (2018)


Discussion: Install the Hard Drive (q. 17)

Discussion: Install the Optical Drives (q. 18-24)
Lab: Install the Drives

Discussion: Types of Adaptor Cards (q. 25-26)

Discussion: Install a Wireless NIC (q. 27-28)

Discussion: Install a Video Adaptor Card (q. 29-31)
Lab Install Adaptor Cards

Discussion: Connect Power to the Motherboard (q. 32)

Discussion: Connect Power to the Internal Drive and Case Fans (q. 33-35)
Activity: Identify the Power Connectors

Discussion: Connect the Internal Data Cables (q. 36)
Lab: Install Internal Cables

Finish the assembly lab

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 17-36 (turn in)

12/07/18 CCNA1

IT For Girls (2018)

Set up Minecraft Servers


None today

12/10/18 CCNA1

Video: Review Dr. Murphy's Physical Layer Lecture - Layer 1 (10:59)

Discussion: The Data Link Layer - Layer 2 (q. 61)

  • Allowing the upper layers to access the media
  • Accepting Layer 3 packets and encapsulating them into frames
  • Preparing network data for the physical network
  • Controlling how data is placed and received on the media
  • Exchanging frames between nodes over a physical network media, such as UTP or fiber-optic
  • Receiving and directing packets to an upper layer protocol
  • Performing error detection

Video: Data Link Layer Overview (17:49)

Discussion: Data Link Sublayers (q. 62)

  • Memorize sublayers of Layer 2 and what they do
    • Both LLC and MAC sublayers

Discussion: Media Access Control (q. 63)

  • Understand how the frame configuration changes depending on communication technology type
  • Understand that all WAN communication is Layer 2

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 61-63


Review: A+ 6.0 Chapter 2 PowerPoint
Review: Practice Quiz Chapter 2
Test: A+ Chapter 2 (20 min)

Note: Return PC to equipment closet after getting lab signed off.

Discussion: Install the Front Panel Cables (q. 37-41)
Activity: Identify the Front Panel Connectors
Lab: Install Front Panel Cables

Discussion: Reassemble the Case Assembly
Video: Avoiding Common PC Building Traps (5:37)

Discussion: Install the External Cables (q. 42-44)
Activity: Identify the External Connectors
Lab: Complete the Computer Assembly

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 37-44

12/11/18 CCNA

Discussion: Resume Template Worksheet (2018)

Subnet Practice - PT Problem 3 on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems"
Download onto your desktop. Solve problem then duplicate in physical lab.


Discussion: BIOS Beep Codes and Setup (q. 45-52)

Discussion: BIOS and CMOS (q. 53-57)
Video: BIOS and UEFI As Fast As Possible (5:38)

Discussion: BIOS Setup Program (q. 58-61)
Video: Professor Messer: BIOS Configurations (6:02)

Discussion: UEFI Setup Program (q. 62-64)
Discussion: BIOS Component Information (q. 65-66)
Discussion: BIOS Configurations (q. 45-68)

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 45-68 (Turn in)

12/12/18 CCNA

Activity: Resume Lab (8:30) - 2018

Discussion: Providing Access to Media (q. 64)

  1. Accepts a frameĀ from a medium
  2. De-encapsulates the frame
  3. Re-encapsulates the packet into a new frame
  4. Forwards the new frame appropriate to the medium of that segment of the physical network

Discussion: Data Link Layer Standards (q. 65)

  • Familiarize yourself with the data link standards organizations

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 64-65

Homework: Re-read section 3
Homework: Video: Data Link Layer Video 1 (5:14)
Homework Assignment: Study for Section 3 Quiz

(Resume/Finish) Subnet Practice - PT Problem 3 located on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems" Download onto your desktop. Solve problem then duplicate in physical lab.


None today

12/13/18 CCNA1

Review: Chapter 4, Section 3

Video: Review OSI Model: The Data Link Layer (5:25)

Discussion: Controlling Access to the Media (q. 66-67)
Discussion: Physical and Logical Topologies (q. 68)
Discussion: Common Physical WAN Topologies (q. 69)
Discussion: Physical Point-to-Point Topology (q. 70-71)
Discussion: Logical Point-to-Point Topology (q. 72)
Discussion: Physical LAN Topologies (q. 73)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 66-73 (turn in)

(Resume/Finish) Subnet Practice - PT Problem 3 located on shared drive. Folder "Class PT Subnet Problems" Download onto your desktop. Solve problem then duplicate in physical lab.

  A+ Discussion: BIOS Security Configurations (q. 69-72)
Video: Professor Messer: BIOS Security (4:59)
  • BIOS passwords
    • Supervisor
    • User
  • Drive encryption
  • LoJack
    • Persistence module (when activated, cannot be turned off)
    • Application Agent
      • Locate device
      • Lock device
      • Delete files
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
    • Used by BitLocker
  • Secure Boot
    • Only authorized OSs

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 69-72

12/14/18 CCNA1

Discussion: Google Speak It! Have text/tests read to you for additional help.

Discussion: Definition of word: Contentious

Discussion: Half and Full Duplex (q. 74)
Discussion: Media Access Control Methods (q. 75-76)

  • Contention Based
  • Controlled Access

Discussion: Contention-Based Access-CSMA/CD (q. 77)
Video: Professor Messer: CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA (2:35)

Discussion: Contention-Based Access-CSMA/CA (q. 78)
Discussion: The Frame (q. 79-80)

  • Frame header
  • Frame data
  • Frame Trailer

Discussion: Frame Fields (q. 81)

  • Be able to recognize a frame by the fields it contains
  • Know the purpose of the various frame fields

Activity Generic Frame Fields (q. 82-83)

Video: Ethernet Frame (7:39)

Activity: MAC-IP Worksheet A

Practice Packet Tracer Lab: (It's in your folder)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 74-83


Discussion BIOS Hardware Diagnostics and Monitoring (q. 73-77)
Video: Professor Messer: BIOS and UEFI (7:29)

  • Temperatures
  • Fan Speeds
  • Voltages
  • Clock and Bus Speeds
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Built-In Diagnostics
  • AIDA64 Software (formally was named Everest)

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 73-77

12/17/18 CCNA1

Activity: MAC-IP Worksheet B

Discussion: Layer 2 Address (q. 84-86)

Discussion: LAN and WAN Frames (q. 87 - finish)

Activity: Worksheet: Linked In! (Example in teacher's binder)

Discussion: Summary

Video: Cisco Netacad Routing and Switching v6.0 - Chapter 4 (21:28)

Assignment: Chapter 4 Study Guide 84-87 (finish)


Discussion UEFI EZ Mode (q. 78-80)

  • Change the time and date.
  • Select the language of the program.
  • Use the EZ Tuning Wizard to automate the creation of RAID storage and to assist with system overclocking.
  • Use EZ System Tuning to set the system performance mode.
  • Enable or disable SATA RAID.
  • Select the boot device priority.

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 78-80

12/18/18 CCNA

Activity: Diagram Common Physical Topologies: Star, Extended Star, Bus, Ring, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Partial Mesh, Full Mesh (Research on Google if needed)

Review/Study: Chapter 4
Video Review: CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 4 (17:09)
Review: Chapter 4 PowerPoint
Test: Chapter 4 (start 8:30 - 30 minutes)


Start at 9:00:

Discussion: UEFI Advanced Mode (q. 81-83)
Video: ASUS Z97-A UEFI BIOS Overview (9:09)

  • Menu at top of UEFI BIOS Utility
    • My Favorites (frequently used settings)
    • Main (computer settings)
    • Ai Tweeker (overclocking)
    • Advanced (change CPU/other devices)
    • Monitor (displaying temps & speeds)
    • Boot (changing boot options)
    • Tool (special function config options)
    • Exit

Activity: Identify Items

Lab: Boot the Computer  Note: No PnP or Splashscreen

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 81-83

12/19/18 CCNA1
Section 4

Any Make-ups


Discussion: Motherboard Component Upgrades (q. 84-86)

  • Upgrades needed:
    • User requirements change
    • Upgraded software apps
    • New hardware enhancements
  • Can reuse or upgrade CPU at same time
  • Install CMOS battery

Discussion: Upgrade the Motherboard (q. 87)

  • Follow steps in text to replace motherboard
    • Make note of all connections
    • Use ESD precautions

Discussion: Upgrade the BIOS (q. 88-92)
Video: Professor Messer: Installing BIOS Upgrades (7:04)

  • Updated BIOS is published on occassion
    • Stability & Performance
    • Rule of thumb - don't unless you have a reason - always risky
    • Called "flashing" the BIOS
      • Important to follow steps exactly (can be unrecoverable)

Discussion: Upgrade CPU and Heat Sink and Fan Assembly (q. 93)
Video: Processor Upgrade - Fix Your Slow PC (5:14)

Discussion: Upgrade the RAM (q. 94-96)
Video: RAM Upgrade Guide - What You Need to Know (5:50)

  • Be sure you can answer the questions in the text
  • There are online RAM selection tools that can help you select correct RAM

Lab: BIOS File Search (use lab computers for this lab) skip lab

Discussion: Upgrade Hard Drives (q. 97)
Video: Installing a SSD in a Desktop PC (2:56)
Video: How to properly configure the SSD as boot drive and HDD as storage drive (7:32)

Discussion: Upgrade Input and Output Devices (q. 98-103 finish)

Lab: Upgrade Hardware - front and back of page

Assignment: Chapter 3 Study Guide 84-103 finish
Homework: Study for Chapter 3 Test

12/20/18 CCNA1

Prepare for BPA contests


Turn in Chapter 3 Study Guide before test
Review: Chapter 3 A+ v6.0 PowerPoint
Test: Chapter 3

12/21/18 CCNA1 Prepare for BPA contests
  A+ Test: Chapter 3
Prepare for BPA contests

A+ 6.0 Chapter 2 Study Guide
A+ 6.0 Chapter 2 PowerPoint

Video: Professor Messer: Modulation Techniques (3:04)

Video: YouTube: How AM and FM Works (13:20)
Video: YouTube: How to Make a Foxhole Radio (6:51)

Video: YouTube: Hub?, Switch or Router? Network Devices Explained
Video: YouTube: How to Cable a Computer Jack RJ45 Cat 5e (6:30)
Video: YouTube: How to Punchdown a 24 Port Patch Panel (7:44)
Lab: 4.5.4 Terminating UTP Cables
Homework: View YouTube: How To Cable New Construction (56:02)
Optional: Video: YouTube: Signal Encoding Techniques (1:16:34)

Video: YouTube: Network Cabling (A great review of this and last week's topics)
Video: YouTube: Signal Encoding Techniques
Video: YouTube: How to Build a PC - Repair and Upgrade for Beginners (2:05:56)
Review: Chapter 4 Jeopardy
Chapter 4 Review PowerPoint
Diagrams: Cable Diagrams