CCNA01 Chapter 1 - Exploring the Network

Date Subject Lesson Plan
08/22/18 CCNA1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

a. Assigned seats by first names.
b. Make name tents: (30 min)
         a. positive adjective & first name
         b. decorate with an interest
         c. inside, write a note to yourself in two years
c. Tissues & hand sanitizer in the back of room
d. Discussion: Welcome letter
e. Activity: Review Student Questionnaire
f. This is an IT class that focuses on Networking - What is Networking? KLW chart
    1. Who can explain how information is sent point-to-point across the Internet
    2. Punch 3-ring binder holes, using hole puncher, in KLW form and turn in to Junior folder.
g. Folders: Submit work in the Junior folder. Work is returned to your personal folder.

  • Sign in and check and take contents of your personal folder to seat when arriving to class.
  • Put any homework in Junior folder when arriving to class only!!
  • Put any daily completed work in Junior folder before leaving.
  • Do not go into any folder but your own for any reason!

h. Hand out school forms: Turn in High School Forms by Friday for 25 extra credit points (must be completed!)
i. Discussion: AUP
j. Locker Form - Pick a locker and post-it note. Assignments needed for locker form
k. School Handbooks (need for form) - put name in book.  Need book to go to office or counselor.
    Do not lose! Replacement books are $10
l. Class schedules in folders

10:00 - Math: Go to math class at about 9:55.

08/23/18 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

a. School forms - Return by Friday for 25 extra credit points.  Can't continue to use computer until all forms returned starting Monday. All your work will need to be done at home.
b. Discussion: AUP
c.Restrooms - stay on our level - Level 2. One student at a time. Go to restroom before class.  No      restroom breaks first 15 minutes of class. Sign out before leaving and back in!
d. Water fountain & classroom sink
e. Password notecards: (pass out & return)
f. Student computer username format: firstname.lastname
                                            password: student ID numbers
g. Email address: firstname.lastname@stu.cvccworks.edu
                                            password: student ID numbers
h. This is not your regular high school class
i. Discussion: What is IT? What is IT to you? What good is it?
j. Activity: When you think of IT, what do you think of? List 10 things on paper.
k. Discussion: Strands of IT (copy down for activity)
l. Activity: Categorize IT list items.

08/24/18 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

Turn in High School Forms for 25 extra credit points

a. Job opportunity worksheet
b. pre-SLO
c. Fire Drill Procedure - (go outside)
d. Class officer elections
e. Activity: Establishing student network academy accounts

Homework: Over weekend, go onto netacad.com and familiarize yourself with course materials

08/27/18 CCNA1
Section 1

Fingerprint Scans by level

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

Turn in High School Forms for 10 extra credit points

No name folder

f. Discussion: Cisco Networking Academy PowerPoint
g. Discussion: www.cnacad.com - what we are going to do
h. Class/Homework Assignment: Cisco Treasure Hunt Worksheet (23 points)

Discussion: What grades should you expect?

08/28/18 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

a. CVCC building tour

Discussion: Lock down
Lockdown Drill - 9:00 am

Discussion: Cisco Treasure Hunt

Discussion: Lab Guidelines

Discussion: Cisco Class Rules

08/29/18 CCNA1
Section 1

Link: Top 10 Skills for High-School Students slide show and worksheet

Discussion: IT Certifications available while at CVCC
Discussion: Cisco Academy Course Completion Certificate criteria

Discussion: Course Description: Computer Network Academy - Year 1

Discussion: Classroom cleaning supplies, tissues, recycle bin, sweeper.

Discussion: Install Google Extension SpeakIt!

Cheating - A real (well known) problem in our digital world - Imagine a world where everyone cheats. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, airline pilots, nurses, etc. It's Ok if I cheat as long as no one else is . . . right?

Discussion: CNA1 Final lab. Final Lab Challenge - If you can successfully finish the Cisco lab to completion, you can arrange to do something else this year instead of Cisco networking.

Discussion: Pace of the Course - Keeping ahead is Mandatory. If you are always behind you will be overwhelmed by the class.  At some point you won't be able to catch up with rest of class and get discouraged.

a. These online lesson plans are the low-water mark - WORK AHEAD
b. If you will not commit your time, you have to make decision whether to stay
c. If you don't get the work done in class, TAKE HOME. Turn in work next morning.
d. I cannot create a hardship for the entire class because a few students refuse to keep up

Have earbuds/headset everyday.

Video: CCNA1 Course Intro Part 1

Video: CCNA1 Chapter 0 (12:11)
Discussion: Orientation to CCNA1 "Welcome"
Discussion: A Global Community (video)
Discussion: More Than Just Information - Networking is a hands-on skill
Discussion: How We Teach - Over 15 years of teaching networking students
Discussion: Practice Leads to Mastery - PRACTICE!!
Discussion: Mind Wide Open - You have to want to learn!! It's not about the points!
Discussion: Engineering Journals - You will need notes/labs/study guides.
                              a. Hand out binders
                              b. Organizers
                              c. Customize binder cover sheets
                              d. Keep binders in lockers
                              e. Journal grades every quarter

Discussion: - Explore the World of Networking - Use Packet Tracer to practice and apply new skills.
Discussion: Course Overview - What do you have the opportunity to learn this year? What are you going to be able to do?

Video: CCNA1 Course Intro Part 2: Netacad Chapters and Sections

Assignment: List on a piece of paper the six basic concepts that we are going to learn by the end of this school year.

Assignment: Describe on a piece of paper what you should be able to do at the end of this school year.

08/30/18 CCNA1

The knowledge you aquire in this class depends on new and prior knowledge being mastered. We do not jump through hoops here! Review, practice, quiz yourself frequently.

Learning Goals Worksheet

Start Chapter 1 (Pass out study guide - go over)

Discussion: What is Chapter 1: "Exploring the Network" about?
On your own Video: CCNA1
Activity: Draw Your Concept of the Internet (15 min)
Discussion: (Video) "Networks in Our Daily Lives"
Discussion: (Video) "Technology Then and Now"
Discussion: "No Boundaries"
Discussion: (Video) "Networks Support the Way We Learn"
Discussion: "Networks Support the Way We Communicate"
Discussion: "Networks Support the Way We Work"
Discussion: "Networks Support the Way We Play"

Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide 1-13

Classwork/Homework: Lab: "Researching Network Collaboration Tools" (Can't do all in school because of filter). Please answer the two reflection questions at the end of the lab in the Google Wiki that you create and invite me at tmoore@cvccworks.edu

08/31/18 CCNA1

You are responsible for your own education. We are here to HELP YOU LEARN just like a coach coaches a team. You have to catch and carry the ball. Coaches don't catch and carry the ball for you.

Game: Cisco Challenge Mars Network Challenge

YouTube Video: The Future of Internet Infrastructure.  How will you play a part? Complete            worksheet for points.

Activity: Turn-in Collaboration Lab

Video: YouTube: The Big Picture: Understanding Cisco Certification

Discussion: Class shared drive (CNA)
Resource: Cisco Press Video Collection

Discussion: "Researching Network Collaboration Tools"
Discussion: "Networks of Many Sizes"
Discussion: "Clients and Servers"
Discussion: "Peer-to-Peer"

Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide Questions 14-19

Homework: Study for Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz

09/04/18 CCNA1

Fire Drill 9:00

Active vs. Passive Learning
Active means actually capturing and able to use the knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. Passive learning means just passing through like a spectator at a sporting event, not really aquiring real skills or knowledge. Which student are you?

Activity: Install Newest Packet Tracer
Activity: Install Adobe Flash

Review: Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz
Quiz: Chapter 1, Section 1

Video: CBTNuggets 100-101: "Welcome to ICND1" (25:28)

Discussion: Binary Math Intro - Subnet example (, 3 subnets) Be prepared to take notes.

09/05/18 CCNA1

Video: Cisco: "Video from around the world"
Discussion: "Video from around the world"

Review Quiz

Video Presentation: Handbook Presentation 8:15

Discussion: What's the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web?

Discussion: What is Chapter 1, Section 2 about?
Activity: IM "Network Component Functions"

Assignment: Study Guide 20-32

Activity: Note Card: IPv4 Address Ranges
Activity: Note Card: Default Subnet Masks

09/06/18 CCNA1

Discussion: Study Guide - Describe means a paragraph of description. Convince me!!

Note: Subnetting is an essential skill. If you do not learn how to subnet, you will not be a networker.

Discussion: ProgressBook Accounts

Activity: Binary Math Intro Worksheet

Activity: Binary Math - Decimal to Binary/Binary to Decimal conversion worksheets (pgs. 1-4)
Activity: Turn in Binary Math worksheets 1-4 (20 points)

09/07/18 CCNA1

Please don't use cell phones in class. If they become a distraction then they become a problem.

Activity: Binary Math - Borrowing Bits Practice Worksheet

Link: HughesNet

PT (Packet Tracer): "Help and Navigation Tips" (due Monday)
PT (Packet Tracer): "Network Representation" (due Monday)

Assignment: Study Guide 33-47 (Do today and turn in please)

  A+ None today
09/10/18 CCNA1

Collect: PT Labs

Activity: Binary Math - Borrowing Bits Practice Worksheet

Review: Packet Tracer Help feature

Video: CCNA_01_01_01 Common Infrastructure Devices (14:41)

Discussion: What is Section 3 about?
Lab: Researching Converged Network Services
Activity: IM "Network Architecture Requirements"

Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide 48-62

Homework: Study Chapter 1, Section 2 & 3 for quiz


Discussion: CompTIA certification website
Review the test objectives

09/11/18 CCNA1

At the end of this school year, you will be required to use everything you've learned to solve complex networking problems. If you haven't learned what you need to learn in the months ahead, you will not be able to solve the lab problems at the end of the year.

Student Activity Meeting 8:30 Conf. Room A for President & Treasurer

Review: Chapter 1, Sections 2 & 3
Quiz: Chapter 1, Sections 2 & 3

Discussion: What is Section 4 about?

Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide 63-66

Discussion: Binary Math - IPv4 Address Classes pgs. 5-6


Discussion: Intro to A+ Certification - CompTIA website
Discussion: Orientation to NetSpace IT Essentials course

09/12/18 CCNA1

Review Quiz

Discussion: Parent Progressbook access

Video: CiscoPress: Module 1, Lesson 3: Cloud Resources

Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: Cloud Computing Characteristics
Video: YouTube: What is a Data Center
Video: YouTube: Smart Home Technology
Video: YouTube: Netgear Powerline Adapter
Video: YouTube: Broadband over Powerline
Discussion: -

Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide 67-74

  A+ Discussion: Tri-C Articulation Agreement

Video: Professor Messer A+ Training Course (14:12)

Professer Messer: Full list of videos


Assignment: Study Guide Chapter 0, Questions 1-5
Link: The answer for question 5
09/13/18 CCNA1
Activity: IM "Identify Network Security Terminology"
Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: Common Security Threats (18:17)

Video: CiscoPress: Module 1, Lesson 7: Binary Numbering (10:40)

Activity: Binary Math, Worksheet pgs. 7-10 & ANDing exercise

Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide 75-80

Chapters to study for 220-901: A+ Hardware

Chapter 1: Intro to PC
Chapter 2: Intro to Lab Procedures & Tools
Chapter 3: Computer Assembly
Chapter 4: Preventive Maintenance
Chapter 7: Networking
Chapter 8: Applied Networking
Chapter 9: Mobile Devices
Chapter 11: Printers
Chapter 14: Advanced Troubleshooting

Assignment: Job Opportunities Worksheet

Discussion: Intro to the PC
Assignment: A+ Chapter 1 Study Guide 1-6

09/14/18 CCNA1

Note: Subnetting is an essential skill. If you do not learn how to subnet, you will not be a networker.

Discussion: Personal electronics left behind

Lab: Researching IT and Networking Job Opportunities (20 min)
Use website: www.OhioMeansJobs.com

Activity "Draw Your Concept of the Internet Now"

Discussion: "Warriors of the Net"
Video: YouTube: Warriors of the Net

Discussion: Summary
Assignment: Study Guide 81

Video: CiscoPress: Module 1, Lesson 7, IPv4 Address Formatting (7:49)

Homework: Study for Section 4 Quiz
Assignment: Chapter 1 Study Guide 81-86 (finish)

** Chapter 1 Test on Tuesday

  A+ Discussion: Computer Cases
Video: What Computer Case Should You Buy? (5:10)

Assignment: A+ Chapter 1 Study Guide 7-12
09/17/18 CCNA1

If you don't activily participate in learning, you will not learn. Learning is not a spectator sport!

Discussion: Review Section 4
Quiz: Chapter 1, Section 4 Quiz

Video: What is a Network Engineer/Analyst?
From video:

  • Problem Solving/Troubleshooting
  • Keeping up with change
  • Detail oriented
  • Communication skills
  • On call
Video: History of the Internet (3:39)

Optional: Video: And the Internet was Born: The Creation of the ARPANET (9:57)
Review: Go through chapter study guide

Quiz: Chapter 1 (must activate - 30 pts)

Video: CiscoPress: Module 1, Lesson 7, Address Classes (5:49)

Homework: Study for Chapter 1 Test
Homework: Review: Chapter 1 PowerPoint & Chapter Study Guide

Video: Cisco Netacad Routing and Switching v6.0 - Chapter 1 (30:01)
  A+ Discussion: - Power Supplies & OHM's Law
Activity: Pass around power supplies

Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: Power Specifications
Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: Computer Power Connectors (5:14)

Assignment: Worksheet "OHM's Law" (Extra credit - 15 points)
Assignment: A+ Study Guide 13-41
09/18/18 CCNA1

Review: Chapter 1 PowerPoint

Test: Chapter 1 (45 minutes)

Video: CiscoPress: Module 1, Lesson 7, The Need for Subnetting (3:10)

Activity: Complete BPA survey (optional)

  A+ Discussion: Motherboards
Activity: Get motherboards from equipment room
Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: An Overview of Motherboard Types (8:30)
Assignment: Study Guide 42-57

Discussion: Video: Google Data center
Review: Activity Circuit/Packet Switched Network (rope/tennis balls/tube)

Discussion: Partnership in education
Link: Link to list of Tier 1 ISPs
Link: Link to list of Tier 2 ISPs
Link: Link to diagram of Tier 3 ISP

Professer Messer: Full list of videos

Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: Circuit vs. Packet Switching
Discussion: DOS Attack Monitor
Lab: "Researching Converged Network Services" (30 min)
Video: YouTube: OSI Reference Model Layers

CCNA1 Chapter 1 Study Guide

A+ 6.0 Chapter 0/1 Study Guide