CCNA1 R&S Week 7

Date Subject Lesson Plan

Homework Due:

Lecture Quiz:
Chapter 9


1. Chapter 10: Application Layer

In-Class Labs & Activities:
1. IM "Application and Presentation"

1. Chapter 11 Build a Small Network

In-Class Labs & Activities:
1. IM "Security Threats and Vulnerabilities" (1&2)
2. IM "Types of Attacks" (1-3)
7. IM

At-Home CCNA1

At-Home Assignment:
1. PT "Web and Email" (save .pka and email me)
2. PT "DNS and DHCP" (save .pka and email me)
3. PT "FTP" (save .pka and email me)
4. PT "Configuring Secure Passwords and SSH" (save .pka and email me)
5. PT "Backing Up Configuration Files" (save .pka to email me)
6. PT "Test Connectivity with Traceroute" (save .pka to email me)
7. Study for Semester 1 Final: Chapters 1-11

Chapter Exams:
(Available midnight Wednesday to midnight Sunday)
Chapters 10 & 11 & Practice Final Exam

  Resources Cisco Password Cracker
YouTube video: Chris Bryant Router Bootup
YouTube video: Cisco Boot Sequence