CCNA1 R&S Week 5

Date Subject Lesson Plan

Homework Due:
1. PT "Exploring Internetwork Devices." (Save .pka file to email me).
2. PT "Configure Initial Router Settings" (Save .pka file to email me).
3. PT "Connect a Router to a LAN" (Save .pka file to email me).
4. PT "Skills Integration Challenge" (Save .pka to email me).
5. PT "Configuring IPv6 Addressing" (Save .pka to email me).

Lecture Quizzes:
Chapters 6 & 7
Subnet Practice problems 5-10
VLSM Lecture & Problems

1. Chapter 8 Subnetting IP Networks

In-Class Labs & Activities:
1. IM "Calculating the Subnet Mask"

At-Home CCNA1

At-Home Assignment Chapter 8:
1. PT "Subnetting Scenario 1 (Save .pka to email me).
2. PT "Designing and Implementing a VLSM Addressing Scheme" (Save .pka to email me).
3. Read Chapter 9 and take notes!

Chapter Exam: (Available midnight Wednesday to midnight Sunday)
Chapters 8

  Resources Video: What is the Ethernet?