CCNA1 R&S Week 2

Date Subject Lesson Plan

Homework Due Before Class: None

Lecture Quiz:
Chapter 1


1. CCENT Test Objectives
2. Cisco Learning Network
3. Chapter 2 :Configuring a Network Operating System

In-Class Labs & Activities:
1. Packet Tracer: "Navigating the IOS"
2.Syntax Checker: "Confiure Password Encryption"
3. Syntax Checker: "Limiting Access to a Switch"
4. Syntax Checker: "Configure a Switch Virtual Interface"

2. Chapter 3 :Network Protocols and Communications

In-Class Labs & Activities: (you may need to finish at home)
1. IM: "Protocols & Layers"
2. IM: "OSI Layer Functions - Part 1 and 2"
3. IM: "Illustrate the Encapsulation Process"

Exit Ticket: Attempt to Solve Class C Subnet Problem

At-Home CCNA1

At-Home Chapter 2 Assignments:
1. Packet Tracer: "Configure Initial Switch Settings" (save .pka & email me)
2. Packet Tracer: "Implementing Basic Connectivity" (save .pka & email me)
3. Packet Tracer "Skills Integration Challenge" (save .pka & email me)

At-Home Chapter 3 Assignments:
1. Lab: "Installing Wireshark" (on your home PC). Nothing to turn in.
2. Lab: "Using Wireshark to View Network Traffic." Nothing to turn in.
3. Read Chapters 4 & 5 and take notes!

At-Home Take Chapter Exams:
Chapter Tests 2 & 3 will be active and available for you to complete from Wednesday at midnight until Sunday at midnight. You will have two attempts to attain the highest score possible. Only the last test score is retained in the gradebook.

You will find the tests under Assignments. If you have any difficulty starting the exams, please email me early enough Thursday so I can help you. I will not be checking my email Saturday or Sunday!!

For next week:
Read chapters 4 & 5 and take notes! Record commands on index cards.


Video: OSI Model - Layer 3 Networking
Video: History of the Internet
Review: Link to list of Tier 1 ISPs
Review: Link to list of Tier 2 ISPs
Review: Link to diagram of Tier 3 ISP