CCNA1 R&S Week 1

Date Subject Lesson Plans

1. Intro to ET1302: Course Introduction

  • You need a computer, install Packet Tracer software, and have Internet access!
  • You will need to be organized and must schedule the time to study
  • Review the Course Syllabus (the fine print)
  • Our "Classroom Culture"
    • 50 min. class/10 min. break (remind me!)
    • Sign in when you arrive - sign out if you leave early please
    • Restroom - anytime if needed
    • Emergency procedures
  • Student questionnaire and name/address/email/student ID/password cards. In case I need to contact you.
  • Materials needed for class:
    • Recommend binder to organize notes/labs/handouts
    • Bookstore Textbook and Workbook Optional - Both available online
    • External storage device
    • Recommend pack of index cards to record commands
  • (Optional - but highly suggested) Wendell Odom's CCENT Certification Guide
              ISBN 1-58714-385-2

2. Profile for NetSpace
3. Explore NetSpace (student link)
4. Learning IT is like hearding cats
5. Chapter 1 : Exploring the Network

In-Class Labs & Activities:

None today (except for above)

At Home CCNA1

At-Home Virtual Labs & Activities:
1. Read Chapter 1 and take notes! Make sure to record the syntax commands you learn throughout the course!
2. Watch Video: YouTube "Internet of Everything"
3. Watch Video: YouTube "What is the Internet of Things?"

At-Home Test:
Chapter 1 - you have from Wednesday midnight until midnight Sunday night to have finished test.

Use the "Assignment" tab on the course home page to link to the tests. The test will not be available to you until I activate the test.

Chapter Exams:
Chapter Test Chapter 1 will be active and available for you to complete from Wednesday at midnight until Sunday at midnight. You will have TWO attempts to attain the highest score possible. Only the last test score is retained in the gradebook. If you do not take the online test within the allocated time, you will recieve a zero on that exam.

I highly recommend that you take each of the chapter tests closed book the first time. See how well you do; look at your individualized feedback; study again, then retake the test a second time open-book only if you feel you need the extra help. This will give you realistic feedback as to how well you are learning the material. Only the last test grade will be recorded in the gradebook.

Assignment for next class:
1. Read Chapters 2 & 3 and take notes!.
2. Download and install Packet Tracer with the tutorials on your home PCs. Go through the tutorials to learn how to use this wonderful network simulation tool. The link to download Packet Tracer (PT) is located under the "Student Resources" link on the homepage of the Introduction to Networking course.
3. Make sure everyone is using same version of Packet Tracer

  Resources Cisco Network Academy Website: